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Attendance is important

Attendance is a major indicator of success in schools. Please take the time to view this graphic that outlines the attendance trends. We need students in school everyday ready to learn. A student who is not in school tends to have lower achievement levels academically. Parents, do your part. Schedule all appointments during non school hours, schedule family outings and vacations during holidays or weekends, and make sure you ensure students get up on time each day.

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AVID craft sale

Our AVID team, led by Mr. Tafoya, is selling crafts for your home and office. Anything you can dream of making he can build out of wood. This is just a sample of the items. All money fundraised will go to scholarship for AVID students as they move on to college. AVID has a 100% graduation and college going rates, so they make a difference in students' lives.

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Making Masks
As part of their Spanish I curriculum, students learned the culture of mask making for Dia De Muertos in Mr. Martinez's class. Students had to write the process of making the masks in Spanish as well as learn about the cultural significance of their mask. All masks were displayed at our Fall Festival and Dia de Muertos celebration. Learning through the arts!
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Art meets Writing

Students in Middle school English were encouraged to draw a chalk painting that expresses their values and dreams. Students had to coherently explain in writing and verbally why their drawing represented them. Students had fun drawing and telling their stories. Part of our Common Core standards is to present information in various ways. Students at WSHS learn to speak, write, and read while engaging in discovering their identity.

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Picture Day at WSHS

Picture Day brought smiles and great shots at WSHS. All students have now had an opportunity to take a picture and a make up picture. Seniors just recently had their senior portraits taken. All students are now required to have their ID on them at all times around their neck. This will increase the safety of our students and accountability for their actions. Please encourage your child to use their ID as part of their dress code.

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Engineering Principles in Science

Students in science are learning about the new Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The new standards require students to engineer as opposed to simply learn. In this case, students are trying to build a structure that can withstand three separate moderate earthquakes. They learn structural shapes, geology, and make a plan for their families to keep them safe during a temblor.

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Homecoming dance

West Shores High school held its Homecoming Dance November 9, sponsored by ASB. The students danced the night away glammed up in their best attire. The homecoming court was presented and Queen and King were crowned. Students were treated to a variety of music, showing the diversity of our student body. It is always a nice transition to go from Rihanna to Caballo Dorado.

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Flying Doctors

The Flying Doctors & CV Medical Volunteers host the Free Health Fair forFamilies without insurance. They provide free medical services such as; mammograms, Chiropractic services, physical therapy, dental and vision &hearing services.

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Back to School Night VDS

Valle del Sol Elementary School held their Back to School Night on Thursday, August 31 and it was well attended by numerous members of the VDS community. The parents first met the VDS staff in the cafeteria and then proceeded to the teachers' classrooms where they became familiar with the academic and behavioral expectations for the students.

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Back to School Night TCMS

Toro Canyon Middle School held its Back to School Night. Over 300 families were in attendance. The evening began with a presentation from Principal Charlie Housewright on the power of family relationships in learning. Toro Canyon is a home for the students of the community where care and love go hand-in-hand with learning.

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Positive Choices

On September 19, 2017 Fifth and Sixth Grade students at Mountain Vista Elementary had a presentation from District Attorney Mike Tripp along with representatives from Riverside County Sheriff's Department. The topic of the presentation was "Making Good Choices". Students were presented with information about appropriate behaviors in and out of school, bullying, cyberbullying, appropriate use of technology and the consequences that could occur if bad choices are made. Follow up visits to individuals occurred for a question and answer session. Students and staff found the presentation to be very informative. Our Bobcats vowed to follow the "Bobcat Code of Honor".

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Student Elections

Students at Mecca Elementary School had the opportunity to participate in running for a student council position. Prior to delivering the speeches, the participants learned about civic responsibilities, which included leading by example and the right to vote. Both fifth and sixth grade students were required to demonstrate eligibility to participate by turning in a petition that clearly indicated they met the requirements of being a student who was academically sound, exhibited positive signs of good citizenship, and expressed their goals for the position of their interest in an essay. The speeches were top notch and our attending audience listened attentively. The ASB election process proved to be a learning experience for all students involved and those elected to represent their peers will have multiple opportunities throughout the year to develop their leadership skills.

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Read Like A Pirate

One of the best parts of a site administrators job is sharing the gift of reading and literacy. This particular day was 'Read like a Pirate' day. I was lucky enough to be able to read a book about pirates searching for all of the letters in the alphabet. Of course, we began with "aRe"

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